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    Accepting and supporting diverse applicants

    Date Published by OFC: Jun 05, 2013
    College of MIDWIVES of Ontario

    This practice acknowledges a diversity of midwifery backgrounds as well as different professional models and training.

    Internationally trained applicants...

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    Accepting translated documents from many sources

    Date Published by OFC: Jun 04, 2013

    This practice gives internationally trained applicants flexibility in the sources they use to translate their required documentation.

    The College of...

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    Allowing flexibility for documentation of qualifications

    Date Published by OFC: Apr 24, 2013
    College of CHIROPRACTORS of Ontario

    This practice helps regulatory bodies accommodate applicants who lack required documents.

    The College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) has standards...

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    Articulating clear parameters on "good character" assessment

    Date Published by OFC: Aug 19, 2014
    College of RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS of Ontario

    The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario's (CRTO) Determining Good Character Policy (May 25, 2012) articulates clear parameters around the college's...

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    Being open to external assessment of governance

    Date Published by OFC: Aug 13, 2013
    Royal College of DENTAL SURGEONS of Ontario

    This practice will be of interest to regulators who are exploring external assessment of their registration processes and/or governance.

    In 2013, the...

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