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Online Learning about Fair Access

The fair access law requires that people who assess qualifications and make decisions be well trained. But training options for regulators are limited.

To help regulators, the Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) is developing open-access, interactive, online learning modules. These modules will be free, flexible learning resources to help regulators orient and train their staff and council members about the fair access law.

Professionally developed with instructional designers and content experts, the modules will be a useful component of a regulator’s training program.

Regulators have responded positively to the OFC’s plan, saying they will use online learning:

  • to orient new staff members, committee members and council members
  • to train front line staff

Their top three preferred topics are:

Read excerpts of a survey of regulators.

Project Milestones
February 2014 Survey regulators about potential use of modules
May 2014 Select software vendor
July - September 2014 Gather detailed information about regulators’ learning needs
October 2014 Begin to develop modules
Spring 2015 Test modules
Fall 2015 Launch modules

More information about the online learning modules:

June 2014