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A Fair Way to Go

A Fair Way to Go:
Commissioner's Remarks

Remarks by Hon. Jean Augustine, PC, CM

Regulated professions play a critical role in our society. They are responsible for the education of our children, the health of our families, the safety of our infrastructure, and the integrity of our financial systems. In the public interest, all registered professionals must be held to rigorous standards of knowledge, skill and ethical conduct.

Opening the door to regulated professions too wide brings risks. But so too does closing it too tight. Internationally trained members strengthen the professions by bringing new ideas and innovation, global experience and networks, and linguistic and cultural competencies that enhance their ability to serve the increasingly diverse population of Ontario.

The OFC is uniquely positioned to assess both progress and persistent problems regarding fair access to the professions.

This report:

  • analyzes the progress and challenges in fair access to the professions from 2007 to 2012
  • summarizes the key findings of the assessments of the regulators performed by the OFC in 2011-12
  • proposes a route to further progress

A Fair Way to Go

Access to Ontario's Regulated Professions and the Need to Embrace Newcomers in the Global Economy

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A Fair Way to go

January 2013