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Embedding objectivity into committee selection processes

Classification: Health

Regulatory Body

College of PHYSIOTHERAPISTS of Ontario

College of PHYSIOTHERAPISTS of Ontario


This practice will interest regulators who are exploring ways to be objective when selecting committee members and chairs.

The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario (CPO) has published information explaining the steps it takes to ensure that the recommendations for appointments of committee members, such as the registration committee, are made as objectively as possible.

CPO sets out criteria for committee membership and asks interested individuals to submit certain information.

Staff assigns a point value to each discrete category of information collected.

A senior staff person enters the values and the names of those who express interest into a spreadsheet. These raw data are not shared with others.

From this point, committees are composed taking into account the likelihood of conflicts, availability, interests and workload.

This method ensures that individuals are chosen based on set criteria.

In addition, council receives summary data on members' activities, committee interests and performance. This helps ensure that recommended individuals meet the set criteria for committee membership and that committees include decision-makers who are knowledgeable, impartial and competent.

Value to Regulator

  • Helps to ensure adherence to published criteria, policies and procedures.
  • Helps to ensure that the appeals process is efficient and effective.
  • Helps to prevent potential for unintended or differential impact on non-traditional applicants.

Value for Applicants

  • Helps applicants better understand the registration process and what to expect.
  • Provides applicants with valid and reliable assessments

Duties from Registration Practices Assessment Guides

This practice falls under the following duties from the Registration Practices Assessment Guides:

  • Objectivity
  • Objectivity

Profession's Membership Size

Medium (2,000 to 10,000 members)

Date of publication:

Jun 28, 2013