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Practice Details


Developing equity and diversity policy

Classification: Non-Health

Regulatory Body

Professional ENGINEERS Ontario

Professional ENGINEERS Ontario


This practice helps ensure an intentional approach to respecting the diversity of applicants and ensuring equity in licensing outcomes.

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has developed a comprehensive equity and diversity policy, with implementation guidelines that set out specific objectives for the first and second years of implementation. The policy also includes a commitment to "support committees in incorporating specific, measurable equity and access provisions in their annual work." As part of implementation, PEO has developed an online equity and diversity training module for use with staff, volunteers and other members of the profession. Almost 300 individuals have completed the training module to date.

This practices raises broadly based awareness of equity and diversity issues, while encouraging people at all levels of the organization to work for concrete and measurable change.

Value to Regulator

  • Helps to ensure adherence to published criteria, policies and procedures.
  • Helps to prevent potential for unintended or differential impact on non-traditional applicants.

Value for Applicants

  • Provides applicants with valid and reliable assessments

Duties from Registration Practices Assessment Guides

This practice falls under the following duties from the Registration Practices Assessment Guides:

  • Fairness
  • Impartiality

Profession's Membership Size

Large (more than 10,000 members)

Date of publication:

May 01, 2014