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Developing strategies to ensure consistent decisions

Classification: Health

Regulatory Body

College of CHIROPRACTORS of Ontario

College of CHIROPRACTORS of Ontario


This practice explores strategies to ensure consistency in decision-making.

The registration committee of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) has developed a decision making chart it applies to all applicants entering or returning to the General Class of the Certificate of Registration.

This chart presents different scenarios, by background of applicant. For each, it shows certain requirements for registration, citing sources from regulations, policies and past decisions. These requirements generally articulate the requirement to demonstrate competency.

Decisions are made case-by-case, based on the specific circumstances of each applicant. However, this approach ensures that decisions are made in a fair, transparent and consistent way.

Value to Regulator

  • Helps to ensure adherence to published criteria, policies and procedures.
  • Helps to accommodate diverse needs of applicants.
  • Makes registration process more efficient and less complicated; timelines are improved, unnecessary steps are eliminated, use of resources is optimized.
  • Helps to ensure that the appeals process is efficient and effective.
  • Helps to prevent potential for unintended or differential impact on non-traditional applicants.

Value for Applicants

  • Enables applicants to meet registration requirements in more efficient way; process is streamlined and registration requirements are relevant and fair.

Duties from Registration Practices Assessment Guides

This practice falls under the following duties from the Registration Practices Assessment Guides:

  • Internal Review or Appeal
  • Objectivity

Profession's Membership Size

Medium (2,000 to 10,000 members)

Date of publication:

Jun 05, 2013