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    Accepting and supporting diverse applicants

    Date de publication : juin 05, 2013
    Ordre des SAGES-FEMMES de l'Ontario

    This practice acknowledges a diversity of midwifery backgrounds as well as different professional models and training.

    Internationally trained applicants...

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    Articulating clear parameters on "good character" assessment

    Date de publication : août 19, 2014
    Ordre des THÉRAPEUTES RESPIRATOIRES de l'Ontario

    The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario's (CRTO) Determining Good Character Policy (May 25, 2012) articulates clear parameters around the college's...

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    Briefing applicants about expectations and equipment before practical examinations.

    Date de publication : avr. 25, 2013
    Ordre des TECHNOLOGUES DENTAIRES de l'Ontario

    This practice concerns information sessions for candidates who will be attempting the practical examination.

    The College of Dental Technologists of...

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    Clarifying criteria for the "good character" requirement

    Date de publication : sept. 24, 2014
    Ordre des VÉTÉRINAIRES de l'OntarioAssociation des COMPTABLES GÉNÉRAUX ACCRÉDITÉS de l'Ontario

    The Applicant Character Assessment Policy contributes to transparency and fairness by explaining how the College of Veterinarians of Ontario assesses information...

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    Clearly presenting registration information

    Date de publication : juin 26, 2013
    Ordre des OPTICIENS de l'Ontario

    This practice makes a wide range of registration information easy to find and easy to understand.

    The College of Opticians of Ontario (COO) has an attractive...