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Learning Modules

Learning Modules

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Learning and development initiatives are a key component of the Office of the Fairness Commissioner’s (OFC) strategy for continuous improvement. The OFC is committed to providing ongoing educational activities and solutions for Ontario’s regulators, to help them foster transparent, objective, impartial and fair registration practices.

Although the material in these learning modules is geared primarily to regulators, anyone with an interest – such as third-party assessment agencies, other fairness commissions and other governments – will find the material useful in understanding Ontario’s fair-access law.

Learning Modules

This series of modules is specifically designed as a tool that regulators can use to train new and current staff members, committee members and council members and to orient front-line staff.

These open-access and interactive online learning modules are free and flexible learning resources. Each one takes about 40 to 60 minutes to complete, and can be viewed as many times as necessary. The use of the modules is voluntary, and the OFC does not track individual participants.

The modules address the difficulties in interpreting how fair-access principles apply to the registration process in general, how they apply to regulators’ specific processes, and what is expected of regulators.

The purpose of each module is described below.

Module 1
Understanding Fair-Access Law

Module 1 addresses the purpose and intent of Ontario's fair-access law, and explains the regulators' duties under the law.

Note: Module 1 is a prerequisite for all other modules.

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Module 2: Part 1
Applying Fair-Access Law

The first part of Module 2 focuses on practical applications of the law. It explores how regulators can meet their obligations by applying all four fair-access principles to their registration processes.

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Module 2: Part 2
Applying Fair-Access Law in Scenarios

The second part of Module 2 provides a series of sample scenarios that help participants learn more about the practical application of fair-access law to regulators' registration practices.

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Module 3
Implementing Fair-Access Law

Module 3 helps participants understand the OFC's approach to overseeing the fair-access law. It explains how the OFC works with regulators to achieve its mandate.

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