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Number of Members

​In 2019, Ontario's regulated professions and compulsory trades had 1,239,446 members. The following chart shows a breakdown of members by profession.
Members in OFC-Monitored Professions and Trades, 2019
   Numbe​r of Members
Teachers234,053 bar
Nurses185,385 bar
Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario94,176 bar
Engineers85,649 bar
Lawyers61,774 bar
Electricians - Construction and Maintenance58,647 bar
Early Childhood Educators55,719 bar
Automotive Service Technicians52,237 bar
Physicians and Surgeons43,612 bar
Hairstylists37,238 bar
Truck and Coach Technicians31,631 bar
Human Resources Professionals22,873 bar
Plumbers21,815 bar
Social Workers19,726 bar
Engineering Technicians and Technologists18,080 bar
Pharmacists17,020 bar
Massage Therapists14,965 bar
Dental Hygienists14,391 bar
Paralegals12,187 bar
Medical Radiation Technologists11,017 bar
Dental Surgeons10,715 bar
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanics10,714 bar
Physiotherapists10,554 bar
Sheet Metal Workers8,571 bar
Registered Psychotherapists7,515 bar
Medical Laboratory Technologists6,738 bar
Occupational Therapists6,403 bar
Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairers5,297 bar
Steamfitters5,248 bar
Chiropractors5,061 bar
Pharmacy Technicians5,052 bar
Veterinarians4,914 bar
Architects4,481 bar
Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists4,408 bar
Dietitians4,188 bar
Psychologists, Psychological Associates3,781 bar
Respiratory Therapists3,722 bar
Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanics3,354 bar
Geoscientists3,203 bar
Hoisting Engineers - Mobile Crane Operator 13,120 bar
Social Service Workers3,019 bar
Opticians2,990 bar
Kinesiologists2,772 bar
Optometrists2,607 bar
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists2,508 bar
Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers2,318 bar
Naturopaths1,702 bar
Truck-Trailer Service Technicians1,164 bar
Motorcycle Technicians1,120 bar
Hoisting Engineers - Tower Crane Operator1,112 bar
Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installers1,081 bar
Midwives992 bar
Hoisting Engineers - Mobile Crane Operator 2947 bar
Electricians - Domestic and Rural859 bar
Chiropodists762 bar
Denturists740 bar
Foresters705 bar
Dental Technologists544 bar
Land Surveyors519 bar
Homeopaths494 bar
Auto Body Repairers320 bar
Alignment and Brakes Technicians306 bar
Transmission Technicians302 bar
Automotive Electronic Accessory Technicians257 bar
Fuel and Electrical Systems Technicians72 bar
Management Accountants *0 bar
Certified General Accountants *0 bar

* Please refer to the Chartered Accountants for all quantitative data.

**The Law Society of Upper Canada regulates lawyers and paralegals.

***The Ontario College of Pharmacists regulates pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

****The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers regulates the two groups represented in its name.

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